From Da BOSS


"Trapstar music syndicate is a label that let's an artist be themselves in making their music. It also let's the artist take full control of their project as long as it's meeting company guidlines"

                                                          -Q. ‚ÄčLe Vias


March 27, 2016-Lake Charles LA. ‚Äčthe birth date and location of a new independent record label that will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. Trapstar Music Record Label is the brainchild of a music industry veteran who has a refreshing and respectful love of music and the business. The result is a progressive, twenty-first century music entertainment company that utilizes cutting-edge Internet strategies, while establishing uncompromising principles. The Trapstar roster is streamline and tight, but with a focus as strong and unflinching as the labels owners themselves. Check out what’s in store.

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